About RISE

The UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems (RISE) aims to address the following research challenges in Hardware Security:

1.  Understanding the technologies that underpin hardware security, the vulnerabilities in these technologies and development of countermeasures.
– State-of-the-art Hardware security primitives: TRNGs, PUFs
– Novel HW analysis toolsets & techniques
– Attack-resilient Hardware platforms, HW IP building blocks

2.  Maintaining confidence in security throughout the development process and the product lifecycle
– Confidence in Developing Secure HW Devices
– Supply Chain Confidence
– Modelling of Hardware Security

3.  Hardware security use cases and consideration of value propositions, Hardware-based Security Services
– Novel Authentication, e.g. alternatives to passwords
– Secure document viewers
– Securing BYOD – attestation, roots of trust

4.  Development and pull-through
– Ease of Development & ease of leveraging best security option
– Understanding Barriers to Adoption
– Education of Potential User/Developer base

RISE is one of four multi-institution Research Institutes in Cyber Security funded by NCSC and EPSRC with the aim of developing the UK’s cyber security capability in this strategically important area. The other institutes are:

Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS)
Research Institute in Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems (RITICS)
Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS)