2019 Spring School

The UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems (RISE) held its 2nd Spring School at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen’s University Belfast, on 28 Feb – 1 Mar 2019.

The Spring school aimed to bring together the hardware security community, both academic and industry. The programme was delivered over the two days, with the agenda and videos of each of the talks provided below.

Thursday 28 February 2019
0930 - 1030Registration & Tea/Coffee on Arrival
1030 - 1040Opening remarks
Session 1: Importance of Hardware Security
1040 - 1120Martin Dixon, Intel
Opportunities in Hardware Security Research
1120 - 1200Joe Fitzpatrick, SecuringHardware
Millions for defence, not one cent for security
1200 - 1240NCSC view of Hardware Security Research
1240 - 1350Lunch & Networking
Session 2: Developing Secure Hardware Devices I
1350- 1430Ingrid Verbauwhede, KU Leuven
Design methods for hardware roots of trust
1430 - 1510Samuel Pagliarini, Carnegie Mellon University
Can we build a Trustworthy Billion Transistor Chip?
Presentation (PDF)
1510 - 1540Break & Networking
Session 3: Hardware Security Evaluation
1540 - 1620Emanuel Prouff, ANSSI
Deep Learning for Embedded Security Evaluation
1620 - 1700Sylvain Guilley, Secure-IC and Télécom-ParisTech
Detection of cache-timing attacks on cryptographic libraries, including post-quantum cryptography
1900Dinner - Titanic Hotel
*40 min talks (30 mins + 10 mins Q&A);
Friday 1 March 2019
0830 - 1000Registration & Tea/Coffee on Arrival
0900 - 1000Tutorial (Only open to participants who were allocated a place on the tutorial)
Ilhan Gurel, Expert Hardware and Software Security, Ericsson
End to End IoT security
Session 4: Development and Pull-Through of HW Security Technologies
1010 - 1050Shahram Mossayebi, Crypto Quantique
Securing connected devices: Story of a deep-tech cybersecurity startup in the UK
1050 - 1130Jayne Brady, Kernel Capital
Challenges with Commercialisation of Early Stage Deep Tech
1130 - 1200Break & Networking
Session 5: Advanced Crypto Primitives on Hardware
1200 - 1240Dimitrios Schoinianakis, Nokia Bell Labs
Challenges of Homomorphic Encryption
1240 - 1320Ayesha Khalid, Queens University Belfast
Physical protection of lattice-Based cryptography - Challenges and solutions
1320 - 1430Lunch & Networking
Session 6: Developing Secure Hardware Devices II
1430 - 1510David Oswald, University of Birmingham
Trusted Execution in Practice - A Gentle Introduction
1510 - 1550Simon Moore, University of Cambridge
Thunderclap: Exploring Vulnerabilities in Operating System IOMMU Protection via DMA from Untrustworthy Peripherals
1550 - 1630Dirk Koch, University of Manchester
FPGA acceleration a boon or bane?
Closing Remarks
*40 min talks (30 mins + 10 mins Q&A);