Conference Videos 2021

Invited Talk: 5G: Security from start to finish, Aaron Hogan, Engineering Director, Qualcomm

IOSEC: Protection and Memory Safety for Input/Output Security

SCARV: A Side-Channel Hardened RISC-V Platform

User-controlled hardware security anchors: evaluation and designs

DeepSecurity:  Applying Deep Learning to Hardware Security

Invited Talk: An Unholy Marriage: Combining Spectre with Memory Corruption to Pwn the Linux Kernel” Professor Herbert Bos, VUSec Systems Security research group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

rFAS: Reconfigurable FPGA Accelerator Sandboxing

SafeBet-Memory capabilities to enable safe, aggressive speculation in processors

GUPT: A Hardware-Assisted Secure and Private Data Analytics Service

TimeTrust: Robust Timing via Hardware Roots of Trust and Non-standard Hardware, with Application to EMV Contactless Payments