Summer School Videos 2022

Leaky Abstractions
Dr Alastair Reid – Senior Principal Engineer at Intel.

DPU Technology – Redefining next generation Datacenter Security
Prof Sakir Sezer – Queens University Belfast

Adaptive Trust Principles: the Foundation of Next Generation Vehicle
Shadi Razak – CTO at Angoka

Panel Session: Research to Reality
Louise Cushnahan, Shadi Razak, James Patrick Evans, Osney Capital

Protecting IoT in the Wild
Keith Graham – Head of University Program at Codasip

To Trusted Hardware (and back again?)
Hugo Vincent – Head of Security Group at Arm Research

Digital Security by Design, Challenge Update
Prof John Goodacre – Challenge Director at DSbD

A Deep Dive into FPGA Technology from a Security Perspective
Prof Dirk Koch, Heidelberg University

Practical and Formal Analysis Security of Contactless Mobile Payments
Dr Ioana Boureanu, University of Surrey