RISE Projects

The RISE research challenges are being delivered through a series of projects, currently with the participation of seven UK universities.

Core Projects

The core research projects initially funded under RISE in 2017:

SCARV: A Side-Channel Hardened RISC-V Platform
Dr Daniel Page

IOSEC: Protection and Memory Safety for Input/Output Security
Prof Robert Watson, Prof Simon Moore, Dr Theodore Markettos,

User-controlled hardware security anchors: evaluation and designs
Prof Mark Ryan, Prof Flavio Garcia, Prof David Oswald, Dr Eduard Marin

DeepSecurity:  Applying Deep Learning to Hardware Security
Prof Máire O’Neill

Tranche 2 Projects

The Tranche 2 projects funded under RISE in 2018:

SafeBet-Memory capabilities to enable safe, aggressive speculation in processors
Prof Simon Moore, Dr Jonathan Woodruff

GUPT: A Hardware-Assisted Secure and Private Data Analytics Service
Prof Pramod Bhatotia, Dr Markulf Kohlweiss

TimeTrust: Robust Timing via Hardware Roots of Trust and Non-standard Hardware, with Application to EMV Contactless Payments
Prof Ioana Boreanu, Dr Tom Chothia, Prof Liqun Chen

rFAS: Reconfigurable FPGA Accelerator Sandboxing
Prof Dirk Koch